Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reunion with the family!

Finally the rest of my family returned from Japan and sadly the 10-months old Rina has forgotten me and my face and GTS is just a scary stranger making her cry while Ema was giving me a great hug! I was supposed to break the ice between me and Rina this weekend but the urgent two-whole-day meeting in Denver destroyed the plan! I have to start from the scratch on Monday and hopefully I can re-become her daddy! Next Friday, GTS/JCC dinner is coming up. On Saturday, The Japanese Speech Contest will be held at Consulate General in Chicago and I attend it as a rep from Teacher's association of Illinois. What I am most looking forward to is the presentation of the new SONY Palo (Robot SEAL) as well as my former student's speech presentation. Already March is there and COD Field Trip to Kyoto will be in 4 weeks!


wes said...

Im sure things with Rina will be just like things with your students. at first she will be scared of you, then she will get to know you, then you will be her favorite.

GTS said...

Wes, I will take it as a complement! -GTS