Friday, August 13, 2010

1101 Morning classes are full!

As Fall semester approaches, classes are gradually getting filled and now 1101 morning classes (10am and 11am M-Th) are full. GTS night 1101 class on Mon and Wed (5-7pm) has 16 in it. So 9 more seats left while 13 seats have been taken in 2201 class. As GTS was asked by Waubonsee Community College urgently, he has to teach their 101 class (once a week on Thursday between 2 and 4:45pm). So I will recruit some study abroad participants from there as well. There will be Chiristmas Trip to Japan under Humanities 1840 this fall (We will be in Japan from 12/17 through 12/27). Let's have some fun in Japan in Christmas! Certainly Summer Study Abroad will be back in next summer as well!

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