Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Over 100 students in 1101 at A MOMENT!

As usual, including the class taught by my friend, all 1101 classes are full and some are even added! They are having trouble finding a seat in my class as well as a parking spot at COD! Many former students know there will soon be some mysterious seats and some students being beamed up to somewhere! 2201 is a class of very good size and I hope they will stay and enjoy themselves! I have to make a trip to Ohio during the Labor Day weekend to meet my very first student in the US (well, he was 18 now 40!) and his family, I have to cancel JCC/GTS dinner in September! The dinner will be back in Oct. 1! The first class at Waubonsee Community College will be tomorrow and 20 students have so far signed up. The class there will be held only once a week on Thursday so I am not sure how much they can learn but kind of interesting to see how it goes!

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