Sunday, March 13, 2011

3・11Easten Japan Great Earthquake!

First news of the earthquake came in Thursday night here in Chicago and to me it is quite usual to hear this kind of news from Japan. But when Tsunami news came in, I got so shocked before even looking at any photos as I was a civil engineering major at college and little better idea. Fortunately our family and relatives are all in Western Japan and did not feel any earthquake and Tsunami news is quite foreign/distant to them. COD Study Abroad will be in Kyoto and there is no negative effect from this disaster to the program and all the host families. The Western Japan centering in Kobe/Osaka had a similar devastating experience about 15 years ago but this once in 1000 year disaster really devastated Japan! Besides Japan is now suffering from 'Nuclear Power Station Trouble ' Throughout my high school and college time, I as well as many of my comrades, opposed to built 'Nuclear Power Station' as we know Japanese and many Asian people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII have been especially suffering from radiation by A-Bomb and accidents/natural disasters are inevitable. I sincerely hope that no innocent citizens be hurt by current situation in Fukushima, Japan. The earthquake 15 years ago killed about 6000. The number of this earthquake' victims seems to be reaching over 12000~13000. Japan and people in Japan (not only just a Japanese nationals) will rise again!


Ismail said...

yikes, I heard something like 9000 people are missing as well. I'm glad all of your friends and family are safe. I am trying to get a hold of friends in Japan now as well.

GTS said...

Thanks, we are going!!!