Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Semester Ended!

Finally the academic year 2011-2012 has ended.  How many survivors?  Well, 2202 students all survived as expected.  For 1102 (morning), 2 out of 14 failed.  For 1101, 6 out of 27 students (over 20%) failed unfortunately.  Probably Spring break (1 week) killed many students' study habit and they could not get back to the right track.

I still hope that survivors from 1102 would come back to 2201 and even those who failed come back to 1102 again to override!

Fall semester schedule is as follows:
1101 (11-12pm Mon thru Thu), (12-1pm Mon thru Thu),  (5-7pm Mon/Wed), (7-9pm Tue/Thu)

1102 (1-3pm Mon/Wed), (5-7pm Tue/Thu)

2201 (7-9pm Mon/Wed)

There will be Learning Community Japanese 1100 (with Political Science 2200) in Fall.
Students in 1100 will meet Japanese students in a Japanese college virtually real-time!

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