Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Semester will end!

No time to having regular dinner night in this month again!  Hopefully we will resume in August!

Next week will be the final exam week and we will find out how many students exactly would survive.

Summer Study abroad preparation is under way and it seems to be one of the largest group in recent years! We are all excited to have some astounding experience.

The study abroad orientation weekend will be coming up in 5/19-20 when everyone gets to know with each other to build some sense of Group-ness.

There is a summer Japanese language class (1101) beginning 5/29 for 10 weeks and 4,5 students have registered.  As I am leading a trip to Japan, I cannot teach this class but good friend of mine will take good care of students do that those students can take the second semester Japanese (1102) in fall!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to dinner soon!

GTS said...

Sorry! to busy to have dinner this Spring. We will resume the dinner in August!

GTS said...
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