Sunday, October 27, 2013

All classes have been shaped up!

1101 classes now hold 58 students (which began with a bit over 70 students) and 1102 has 11 original students (Great!). 

2201 (third semester) class holds 15 students and 2251 (5th semester) class shrank to 6 as things got harder.

Spring trip during the spring break time has officially 3 students and now 3 are waiting to register for sure, so this is quite bright!

Spring semester registration will begin in a few days, GTS is fairly optimistic about having all planned courses' realization.

2252 will probably very small or may not be held due to the low enrollment but since it is the 6th semester class, it is quite natural.

Summer Study Abroad program is also very promising and it might be a larger group than that of last year!

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