Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Study Abroad Promotional Event has successfully done!

Study Abroad Open House was held today and over 70 people showed up including some 20 students from GTS morning class.  One of past participants of Japan Program spoke about the trip and GTS added some comments.

It was kind of special as I invited the rep from Temple University Japan (TUJ) for transferring process from COD to TUJ, which is one the greatest way to finish college education.

Temple University is a well known accredited university in Philadelphia and has a campus in Japan holding 10 majors and other programs.

This is the only US institution recognized by Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Students can finish college with regular US Bachelor's degree with Japanese language skill!
Tuition is a lot cheaper than many private institutions in the US!

Hope some would transfer there.  There are quite a few students from my class in the past successfully completed the program there!

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