Monday, July 6, 2015

Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizu-temple through Maruyama Park

After lunch the bus took us to the famous Gion area where we began walking from Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizu temple.

On the way, we went through Maruyama Park behind Yasaka Shrine, Kodai-ji temple where Hideyoshi's wife, Nene, resided, Ryoge Kannon (Great statue of the buddha for Mercy), Ninen zaka, Sannen zaka where bunch of souvenir shops are around.

Inside the Kiyomizu temple, there is JISHU Shrine which is famous for match making and love.
Also there is a tree for cursing on someone!

It started to rain in the early afternoon but buy the time we left from the Temple, it stopped and worked for us.

Three typhoons are near Japan and many areas in Japan have quite a rain but so far so good for Kyoto and rather better than hot and humid!

It was another good day.

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