Saturday, January 24, 2009

Settled in the Japanese class?

COD classes have passed about 10days and each class is gradually getting settled. 1102 are still shrinking slowly and it will be settled after the first chapter test at the beginning of February. Small class 1102 at night unexpectedly enabled us to actually move around in class and use some Japanese! Hopefully we can continue! Waubonsee class (WCC) will begin on Monday (1/26) with 6 students (maybe a couple more by the actual class?) (Ahh.... lost 75% of original members!!) Chinese class at WCC was canceled (only 1 student). Spring break field study in Japan seems to have over 10 people and we will go to JAPAN! Study Abroad program application deadline is coming up, so please let GTS know if you are interested so that I can keep your spot!

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