Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Happy New Year!

I hope everyone could welcome the January 1st of 2009, the year of Ox/Cow! One of your resolution should be the completion of Japanese class! Did you all enjoy the 61st second of 23:59 of 12/31/2008? This is the leap second year and GTS's sincere wish is 'leap leap leap for everyone!
JCC first dinner of 2009 is coming up on Friday 1/9/2009 (next week) See you all! BTW, Japan has its own "American Football League (mini)" and Ritsumeikan University won the RICE BOWL (1/3/2009) over Panasonic and became No.1 in Japan. (Very comical but...). As a Ritsumeikan graduate, I should report it to you. Ritsumeikan Alumni Association in Chicago always welcomes you if you have a little something to do with Ritsumeikan!


Jerry said...

Happy New Year, Shingo!

Is there going to be a JCC movie too?

GTS said...

Yes, there will be the movie as usual. See JCC site! -GTS

wes said...

I hope you made efficient use of your extra 1 second Shingo. Happy New Year

GTS said...

Oh, yeah. One second is good to philosophize! Hope to see you in class! -GTS