Friday, January 9, 2009

First dinner night finished in snow!

Over 15 people gathered at first JCC/GTS Dinner of 2009 in snow! 5 showed up and enjoyed the film with little EMA before the dinner. A couple of them decided to go to JAPAN field study program during the spring break. Many entertained Little Ema and she enjoyed the most. She was waiting for today since 2 days ago and went well for her thanks to all her KERAI (servants). Next dinner will be February 6. And remember GTS birthday will be February 4!!! I hope everyone is ready to get back to school and take the first quiz on the first day!


Juria said...



GTS said...

I think so, too. Snow made it so mysterious! -GTS

Juria said...

I look shorter than Chibi ahaha

we'll go sledding with ema soon hopefully!

The roads were absolutely terrifying driving home this afternoon @____@

GTS said...

Yeah, too much snow! Ema and I played with snow too much outside and EMA got fever a bit. She seemed to be tortured! SHe is fine now, though. -GTS