Thursday, June 11, 2009

AP Scoring in Kansas City continues!

Over a week has just passed for GTS's life in Kansas City, MO. Being kept for all day long everyday in a little partitioned room in convention center is truly challenging! At least, I feel good about the fact that about 2000 high school students were able to take the exam which needs a really high proficiency level in Japanese. It is also a good opportunity for meeting with teachers from colleges and high schools all over the US including actually Japan though the total number of teachers here for scoring are just about 45! Well, 74 spots are left for 1101 in fall semester at COD and seems to be a good pace to fill each spot at a moment. In 2 weeks, COD summer program group will get to Hiroshima! How exciting!!


Juria said...

Now shingo you KNOW it's not going to be as epic as it was with us

of course I know I know

you don't need to answer that


chibi said...

AGREED! XD It'll probably be more peaceful and relaxing. ...BORING! XP

Life in Missouri would have me climbing the walls. >.o You come back the 16th?

GTS said...

Chibi!!!!! Hey! Yes, I will be back to Chicago on the 16th! I should be at school to catch up some stuff on 6/17! We should eat rotating sushi! Don't you think?
Life in MO is just as boring as COD summer trip without GTSTRIO! -GTS