Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sad News from Japan before getting there!

Finally GTS was liberated from AP Scoring 'Prison' in Kansas City and got back to lovely Chicago and become ready for Summer Program beginning next week! Well, then a big sad news came in from Japan that GTS's father passed away rather suddenly today. It will give no effect on the COD summer program and the group with GTS will get to Tokyo/Hiroshima on 6/25 (Thursday) and then to Kyoto on 6/28 (Sunday). I wish he could make it until I get there! I heard he was quite fine and walked around until yesterday. At a moment things seems to be a mess but should be settled soon. As he used to tell me to prioritize professional activities, my life goes on! By the way, Hiroshima Jogakuin University students are ready to entertain COD students to go the ballgame (Carp vs. Dragons) and Miyajima (floarting huge Torii gate).


Surreal said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your father, Shingo. You have my heartfelt condolences.

GTS said...

Thanks! I will be fine -GTS