Friday, June 26, 2009

Study Abroad Group arrived in Hiroshima on time!

Last year COD group went to Nagoya via Shang-hai, China because of United Air's mechanical problems! Learning from it, we came to Japan with All Nippon Airways with very comfortable ride! Lay over time was a bit longer but a lot better than going through China! From Hiroshima Airport an airport bus took us to Hiroshima Train station where we switched to the street car to get to Hotel. Next day, everyone walked around the Peace Park as well as its museum to learn. After lunch the A-Bomb survivor's lecture let everyone think of how to live towards the better future. Students energy was endless and blasted at the Hiroshima's newly built Mazda Ball Park for the professional baseball game 'Carps vs. Dragons.' Everyone is in good condition now to be ready for the program!

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