Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine ate 4 students!

One of the most famous shrines in Japan welcomed us in a super hot day and the group were separated into two groups without intention. Yet, life went ON! Millions of Torii-gates and steps challenged us followed by the Higashiyama Mountain trail along with a small stream! It was the first pedestrian heaven night before the Gion Festival Float Marching (7/17). Students may enjoy these pedestrian heaven one of these three nights! Now all the floats are ready! Kurama-temple in the mountain is now waiting for us today!


Juria said...


Fushimi Inari!! It's like you can never stay in one group on that mountain...

I'm happy reading all of these entries about Japan they remind me of last summer and make me happy :D

I hope everything is going well Shingles~

GTS said...

Juria! I wish you were here, too! The group separation was as usual! This group is really athletic! So I am happy! -GTS