Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Silver Pavilion in the muggy day!

The rainy season causes the muggy day on which everyone is suffering from the sweat! Yet, life goes on and we dismissed for lunch right in front of the hospital where GTS was born and fueled for walking up to the Silver Pavilion! Clear view from the eastern mountain in the garden of silver Pavilion energized everyone to walk along the Philosopher's Trail to get to the Bus stop. We will have a nice view from the south eastern mountain temple tomorrow! No one got sick nor tired from studying and walking! I love it!


chibi said...

This trip has been too much of a cake walk for you! There should be some crazy-awesome mishap-adventure that happens. XP No one's gotten lost, everyone's keeping up with you, the weather's been predictable.

Bo~ooring! :D

GTS said...

Chibi! Diana who is staying in the hostfamily you stayed!!! I cannot wait for meeting you in Kyoto! -GTS