Friday, July 3, 2009

Tofukuji-temple visit for the first time in the program!

Two city buses took us to the south east side of Kyoto city where Tofukuji-temple and its garden spread! This is the first visit during this summer COD program which began in 1999. The nice weather (not humid! even breeze let us feel good!) Students are planning to go to Tokyo during the long weekend of 7/17 right after the Gion Festival. Their plan is leaving Kyoto for Tokyo by night bus on Friday and return in the same way on Sunday, so that they have enough resting time on Monday, the National Ocean Day! First weekend must excite everyone and GTS and Ema are heading to the Zoo, 3 minutes away from home!

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Oky ~ 薛嘉兒 said...

Everyoneee went to Tokyo... except for me~~~ :D
But I had an amazing time as well ^ ^

Btw, sensei! I was informed recently that the Taiwan Minisry of Education had, after all, picked me to be the foreign student! I will be attending National Dali Senior High School in the fall until February. So excited!