Friday, January 15, 2010

The first day of the Spring semester!

IC Building of COD now is like a huge maze because of renovation project! There are too few classrooms in the building now and GTS must teach 1102 at M-Building in the morning! 24 students are in the morning class to be ready for GTS challenge though the atmosphere of the class seems to be cheerful like a big family and I like it! I hope everyone can survive in the class! The night class will begin next Wednesday with probably 20+ students! 2202 on the other hand shrank quite a bit and only 7 students left but we can do more stuff with a few people so it is also a cheerful family! Of these 7 students, 4 students are also taking 2252 with a couple more students. So these 4 students are devoting themselves into Japanese language study and I love it! The Spring Break Japan trip seems to have about 5 students now and hope some more join us! I am also looking forward to the application deadline of COD summer study abroad program on 2/1/2010!


chibi said...

Where's 2252 supposed to be at? And who else is in the class? :D

GTS said...

IC 3043! Almost next to my office and across the classroom we used to be in 2202. Sikai is in! Others are from 2202 of this year! So they are taking 2 classes this semester! -GTS