Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Spring Semester begins tomorrow!

GTS is now struggling with Jet lag! I have just flew into Chicago on Monday morning just in time for all faculty gathering at COD. I haven't seen that snowy scene for a while so I was re-confirmed that I am in CHICAGO! Those who will return to COD this semester must have fun with COD IC Building (BIC) Maize! I even got lost at very near my office and hit (No Entry) wall! So far total of 40 students are ready to 1102 and this number should rise a bit before the first night class on 1/20. Spring Field Trip has 3 now and I am trying to recruit more to realize the trip so please encourage your friends to join the trip! The first GTS/JCC dinner will be on Friday 1/29! See you all soon!

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