Monday, January 18, 2010

Reunion with GTS' student of 1988!

One of the first students of GTS' life in America found GTS through Facebook and yesterday drove up with his friend from Cincinnati to downtown Chicago! It was amazing! He was 18 at that time and is now 40! We went to Kerryman (at the corner of Erie and Clark), then Fleming for steak dinner, then Big Bowl for Qingdao Beer, and then Mother's Hubbard (Sports Bar) where we played pool! Certainly I stayed at Embassy Suite where we played poker! Oh, what we have done really reminded me of the life in 1988-89! My Jet lag and sore throat got worsen a bit but it was worth meeting with him! I was glad to hear that he is a father of three daughters yet his young habit of checking out gals around was still in place! Oh, well I tried to forget about being a college teacher but he kept introducing me as a best professor of America to everyone he met for the first time! Am I embarrassed? Not at all. I am proud of him and his successful life especially he paid everything and even gave a drink to everyone in the bar! I will visit him next time!

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