Monday, August 27, 2012

A week has passed in the Semester!

This is already the second week of the semester and September is just around the corner.  After all, Japanese 1101 has 65 students (which is 35% fewer than usual).  Some of these seating deficit has been covered by a dozen of 1102 students and 15 students of 2201.

I am not sure of how many will survive in 1101 but certainly hoping many so that we can have 2 classes for 1102 in Spring!

As 1102 students are a few, 2201 in the Spring semester may not get that well but I will encourage those in 1102 to continue on next semester!

GTS finally got free from Waubonsee Community College as I found an ideal teacher from the area and it seems that the class over in WCC is moving well so far!

I want to have more Spring trip participants!  The trip will be on the last week of March 2013!

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