Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Fall Semester is about to begin but.....

While the beginning of the new academic year is just around the corner, I as a GTS got a bit disappointed at the enrollment for classes.

For the first time during past over 10 years, Japanese 1101 classes were not filled and rather barely survived as a running class.

Usually over 100 students register in Japanese 1101 but only less than 60 students registered in Japanese 1101 over 4 different classes.  I am glad that all classes have been somehow made it but
I wonder what caused it besides slow economy.

One of the reasons must be scheduling which was beyond my control.  One class was forced to move from 10am to 12noon due to the construction (lack of classrooms).  11am class has been filled in the good way as usual but 12noon class suffered.  I have to work on this next academic year!

Yet, unlike the usual year, Japanese 2201 has 16 students, a dozen of whom will probably continue to 2202 in Spring and I am quite happy about it.

Furthermore, Japanese 1102 has 13 students despite this class is in off sequence.  I am very confident in offering 1102 every fall and hopefully 2201 in Spring as a continuation!

It is just sad when looking at the low figure now.  I will make utmost effort!

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