Friday, October 19, 2012

iPad, iPhone Application for Japanese Dictionary!

I have just gotten the letter from CJK Institute (Chinese,Japanese,Korean) about the very useful application for iPad and iPhone.  GTS does recommend this!

"Everyone using it agrees that it is a beautifully designed and faithful adaptation of the print
dictionary, while also taking advantage of the iPhone and iPad’s advanced features to make the dictionary even easier to use by learners. Users can search for characters by SKIP, by radical, by
“on” and “kun” readings, as well as by English meaning.

What’s more, unlike the print edition, users can opt to have Japanese readings displayed in either Romanized Japanese or kana.
You and your students should also be interested in another application our institute has developed -- the popular iPhone application “Japanese Sensei”, which allows learners to learn and review
nearly 10,000 of the most important Japanese words. In addition to example sentences for each word, the application features native Japanese audio, as well as quizzes that enable users to not just learn
new words and their usage, but to retain them as well.

More information about each application can be obtained from the following brochures:

We encourage you to let your students know about these two applications, and how they can be of benefit to their Japanese studies. Also, feel free to announce them on websites, newsletters, and bulletin boards."

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