Sunday, October 21, 2012

Midtern Verification Passed and Shrank!

Midterm Verification of student progress has passed.  Though we began Japanese 1101 (Elementary I) with about 70 students this semester, which was just about 30% less than usual, only 50 students are now still regularly attending the class.  Another 5 students or so will probably end up withdrawing from the class before the end of the semester.  Japanese 1102 in the Spring semester will be held in the morning (1 class) and the night (1 class), which I barely expect to make it.

Japanese 1102 students will basically survive, which I am quite happy about it, and hopefully they can proceed into Japanese 2201 in the Spring semester (This is the FIRST time attempt to offer 2201 is Spring!).  With a few more 2201 possible students to come back in Spring, I do expect we can form the good class!

Exceptionally eager 15 students in Japanese 2201 this semester keep challenging themselves for higher level of Japanese proficiency and hopefully continue to 2202 in the Spring and I have no doubt that over a dozen students will come back to Japanese 2202, which is excellent!

I am looking forward to see the new statistic soon!


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