Sunday, October 21, 2012

JAPAN TRIPs in 2013 is ready to get students!

Annual Spring Trip is now accepting students and already one student signed up before actual Spring registration begins!  Hope to have many can go to Japan to enjoy Japan's Spring in beautiful Kyoto with a full bloom of cherry blossoms!  Some students of GTS Japanese language classes expressed their strong interest and I do hope they can actually go with GTS to Japan.

The trip will be 3/22/2013-3/31/2013!   The fee is $2,799 (including everything but lunch and dinner)
There will be a couple of meetings prior to the trip (2/28/2013, 3/14/2013 5:30pm-7:50pm).  Tuition for 3-semester hour for Humanities 1800 ($136x3=$408) is required.

COD Summer Study Abroad Japan program is also accepting application. This 5-week study abroad program conducted in Kyoto, Japan will change the life and perspective of students in many ways.

The trip will be 6/19/2013-7/26/2013!  The fee is $4,444 (including everything but lunch)
There will be the weekend orientation (5/18,19/2013) Tuition for 7-semester hour for Humanities and Japanese ($136x7=$952) is required.

Already a dozen students showed their strong interest so I hope they can make it!

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