Friday, February 8, 2013

First GTS/JCC Dinner tonight!

The first GTS/JCC dinner in 2013 is coming up tonight and I am looking forward to meeting many new students as well as former royal students.

JCC will help the elementary school in Downers Grove to hold the event for diversity in April 12th.
We will decorate their school classroom and introduce some cultural activities.  It is very exciting opportunity for the first time for JCC current team!

Spring field trip has 5 students and GTS is still expecting more to join in the trip.  Trip to Kyoto will be the last week of March and Japanese Meteology Agency announced a few days ago that the full bloom of cherry blossoms in Kyoto Area be 3/25, which is perfect!!!

Sumer Study Abroad began getting applications and 5 are already officially registered and about 5 are in the process at a moment.  Hopefully we will have a big group like last year! 

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