Friday, February 8, 2013

First test of all the classes have passed!

The average score of the first test of Japanese 1101 and 1102 are both 75%, which is predicted.   One for Japanese 2201 and 2202 are both 65%, and this is a bit lower than expected so I have to raise this score in the next test.

Usually first test is difficult for students as they have never seen before and the second test on, it gets a bit easier for them to expect and prepare. 

As a result of the first test, I may lose a few students from Japanese 1101 but not many from other courses because students have already an idea of how GTS keeps challenging them!

The second test will be more accurate as student anxiety will drop considerably.  (I Hope)

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Joel SR said...

Shingo, you are a great teacher you must retain hope for class 1101!