Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bitter beginning of the Academic Year 2013!

GTS is now experiencing the bitter beginning of the academic year!  For the first time in my history at COD, one 1101 morning class was cancelled yesterday due to the low enrollment!

Fortunately another 1101 morning class was completely filled and probably be overflown.

1101 classes in the evening have still some seats!   It is the bitter start!

Good news, on the other hand, is the good retention for the upper classes!

1102 has some 10 students, 2201 has over 15 students, and 2251 has 6,7 students and this is great!

Study Abroad Japan 2014 and Spring Beak Japan Trip are now accepting students!

Those who want to go to Japan in Christmas Break, contact me at satsutan@cod.edu


Clayton Johnsen said...

I will be in your 1101 course, do you have any advice for learning Japanese?

GTS said...

I am glad to hear that! Your memory power will be tested probably. Remembering Japanese writing system as quickly as possible is the key. Hope you can make it throughout the semester