Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fall Registration continues!

Fall semester at COD classes will begin 8/26/2013, which is a bit later than usual so registration speed has been slower as those who register classes must pay the tuition at the same time.

Japanese 1101 class at 11am daily and two night classes will be filled soon BUT 1101 class at 10am daily still has a lot of seats!  Please join us!

Japanese 2201 class at 7pm (Mon/Wed) will be filled BUT off-sequence Japanese 1102 class in the afternoon (Mon/Wed) has a plenty of seats!  Those who want to refresh Japanese learning are all welcome!

Japanese 1100 at 6pm on Thursdays include some unique features, such as film watching, global classroom (real-time conversation with college students in Hiroshima), etc.  We can have a lot of fun together!!   Join GTS!

Those who have been in Japan and highly motivated students can join Japanese 2251 on Tuesday night!

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