Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Class short this semster but the waiting list begin working!

Though we canceled one morning class of 1101, another morning class needs a waiting list!! Over all out of possible 75 seats of 1101, only 4-5 seats are left and I do anticipate these 4 seats be taken by the beginning of the first class on Tuesday night!

1102 fortunately has 10 students even though we had a very limited number of survivors of 1101 last Spring and I am quite happy to see this happening.

Retention for 2201 is really great and 17 students signed up, which is very exciting.

Surprisingly 8 students signed up for 2251 and 6 of them are from 2202 of last spring semester.

This is the great number and GTS is now very encouraged.

GTS is now planning on China Study Abroad which will begin the summer 2014.  GTS will lead the trip in the summer 2015. 

GTS may teach one Chinese class or two soon!

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