Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Semester Begins in a few days!

Elementary Japanese are all full in both COD and WCC. There are still students who are waiting for a "Mysterious Seat." Textbooks for elementary Japanese class are all backordered so it is still uncertain how the situation will turn out to be. Intermediate Japanese class are still open and some new students seem to join and is very exciting!. The link I made last time didn't work and I tried to fix it. I am looking forward to meeting returning students as well as new students!


Surreal said...

Haha, is that Ema in the article with the balloon? I was thinking it MIGHT be, but then I saw the pink crocs!


GTS said...

You are correct! -GTS

Julia said...

Yay it works now!!


I wish I could have gone but I had to work :/ such is the life!

School is starting so soon @___@

We are still using our old books correct?

Do we really have new students? That will be interesting indeed :0

and remember

use kansai ben!! ehehehehehe

GTS said...

Yes, we are using the same textbook this semester. As of Monday there are 19 students in 2201. Kansai-ben will be at the break time. -GTS

chibi said...

I'm so happy to be starting school again! (Backwards? Yes! That's okay though.)

19 students?! Where did they all come from? Are some of them new, new?

I don't know that I know standard Japanese anymore... O_o;;

GTS said...

19 includes CHIBI before registering!! -GTS

Surreal said...

Aw, I felt really nostalgic driving home last night because the clouds looked like mountains and I could almost convince myself we were back in the happiest place ever.

I was moved to do HAIKU! That's how much I miss Japan!!!!!!!

The sun is setting
Dark clouds appear as mountains
Calls to mind Kyoto <3

GTS said...

Whatever classes you are in, I wish you all do well! Huh? Japanese? As tough as usual! -GTS