Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Academic Year Began!

It is quite difficult for anyone including myself to switch and adjust the living mode from the NON-school environment to the school environment! Fortunately or 'unfortunately' (you know about it!) there were/are overflown students without a seat in all elementary Japanese 1101 classes. Night class began with over 30 students! Intermediate Japanese 2201 also did begin with good number of students including several new faces which is very exciting! 2201 class is composed largely of two different types of student: traditional 2201 students and returnees from Japan in various capacities. Hopefully good interactions among students bring the new horizon and good classroom atmosphere! I just wonder "How many" students will be in class 3 weeks from now? Can you guess? My sincere hope is that "everyone stays in class and no "mysterious chairs" be found! Let's have fun together this new academic year!


Wes~ said...

you can count on my chair not becoming mysterious! I hope you scared the 1101 classes!

GTS said...

Yes, I did scare the 1101 classes. But it seems that they were more than calm! -GTS

Julia said...

:D Of course I'll keep trying always woo!!

I was very surprised to see how proficient those newcomers were, to be honest, kind of intimidated!

But that will just give all of us more reason to try harder right?


chibi said...

You picked on me the first class! >_<

Some things never change ne?

I tried getting the permit but trying to get an appointment with the counselor is like herding cats and didn't end very well.

I'm excited to be in Japanese again, but I think I forgot everything...

GTS said...

Well, newcomers probably expect more challenging environment. I didn't quite picked on Chibi, but just pointed out there was a late comer to the class and should be marked! Oh well, it is natural to forget things so repeating and recalling might be a key! -GTS