Friday, August 8, 2008

GTS Elementary Classes Full!

満員御礼!New Fall semester will begin in 12 days. All elementary Japanese classes of GTS got filled! Now several folks are waiting for some "mysterious seats" (不思議な椅子 named by a student). Waubonsee Community College (WCC) elementary Japanese class was also filled. By the way, GTS with his 2-year old daughter attended "summer festival" at Mitsuwa and his comment was quoted into the local paper.


J00lia said...

Ahh the link didn't work D:

What did the paper say?

In either case I'm excited for Japanese to start up again...I heard someone speaking it at my work a few days ago- too bad they were at another cash head perked up though...I miss it :0

One of the benefits of the 2nd year Japanese is that you know most of the students already right? Is shingles excited to start teaching again? hehehe

GTS said...

The link should work!!! :(
Certainly I am so excited to see all of my lovely students! -GTS