Saturday, November 22, 2008

Teacher Award was presented to GTS in Orlando!

The National Japanese Teacher Award was presented to GTS on Saturday here in Orlando! Though no money came with the Award, lots of warm words came from many Japanese language teachers across the America as well as Australian and New Zealand! If you want to pursue your Japanese language study anywhere in the US and Oceania regions, you may take advantage of mentioning GTS to make things easier! Sure, I did go to the Magic Kingdom and the Sea World with little EMA who was too excited there! EMA attended the Award Ceremony and got lots of "Kawaii" and got happier as well. I got several nice and new textbooks I may be able to use next academic year, too. Hope to bring some nice stories and warm weather back to Chicago soon!


Jerry said...

Congratulations again, Shingo. You are extremely worthy of the award you have earned!

GTS said...

I will bring the plaque in class on Monday! Thanks again. -GTS

wes said...

Good Job big guy, you should put the plaque on a gold chain and wear it around your neck all the time. Also, i really doubt i will make it to class tonight, as im sure you can guess, this is the busiest 3 days of the year for me here.

GTS said...

This is the busiest time for payroll professionals! -GTS

ChibiJuria said...


This is Julia + Caitlin commenting

Julia: I never got to see your plaque@!!!! >:0 !! ??

Caitlin: haha. I totally did.

Is this translated right?

Hey, let's go!
Even if everything turns to ashes,
When everything is erased, you will end it all
You will become your end

thaaaaaanks sensei :D

GTS said...

Well, I don't know what the befor e and after this relic. But It seems, "You MUST go! Even if everything turns to ashes, The time when You erased all yourself is the last moment of what you've done."

wes said...

So how does the Satsutani family celebrate Thanksgiving? Will you be having turkey and mashed potatoes and watching football all day?

GTS said...

Well, not turky but probably Yakibuta (Cooked Pork) and put them into Ramen! hahaha. -GTS