Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spring Registration Begins at COD

Despite the fact that students will continue to be suffering from harsh educational challenge for acquiring the basic Japanese skill, some students have already registered in the second semester. The morning class will be consolidated into one 11am class and 2 evening classes stay as they are now (even though the printed schedule didn't mention 5pm Tu-Thu class). Two field trips to Japan are still scheduled. Not many days are left for the December trip to register but the March trip is expected to be filled rather quickly. The study abroad program application has just begun and the application form can be picked up from GTS. Early application is the key as the study abroad program is expected to be filled way before the deadline.
1101 class will take Chapter 4 test on Monday tomorrow to further shrink for less survivors!


wes said...

what were the starting enrollments, and current enrollments for you 1101 classes right now Shingo? have you destroyed many students yet?

also, what is on tonights quiz?

GTS said...

Quiz? Mystery as always. 1101 began with about 100 and 87 in the official number now. So not bad!

Jerry said...

Shingo! You have no idea how disappointed I am in myself for missing that kanji question on the test. I studied all the kanji, I made sure I knew the stroke order, the combinations, and both the kun and the on readings as well as the English translations... and then when it comes to the test, I messed it up. UGH. I've been beating myself up over it all day.

You won't get me on the next test!

GTS said...

Oh, I am very sorry to hear that, Jerry! Hope you can win over me next time, which I wonder if it's possible. Oh, I am just kidding! -GTS

Jerry said...

I shall try my hardest!

But I doubt it will ever happen, I'm not very good! <---humble

GTS said...

You learned being humble as a part of acquiring Japanese cultural esthetics! -GTS