Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Friday of the month is coming up!

This coming Friday is the JCC Dinner day. It will be held at the same location (Kyoto Sushi in Downers Grove) following the Cinema afternoon. The movie of this month can be found at the JCC website linked in this Blog. Since the movie takes only 85 minutes, it will begin at 4:30pm on Friday this time. It is a comedy for everyone! Oooops! I have to grade all the 1101 chapter 4 tests while watching the election news. Those who saw me wearing 2 stickers of 'I voted' today knows how much that vote counting scan tron machine hates GTS! I hope to see all GTS family on Friday night at the dinner even though 2201 test is coming up on Monday next week!


Jerry said...

I have heard of this movie! I will enjoy the irony of watching a bank teller while I am not working! This should be an absolute riot!

GTS said...

That's right! Youare working for BANK where you can probably feel that all paper money looks like paper-made junk. I bet you love the movie! -GTS

Julia said...

aww shingo XD

Those machines can be evil it is true!!

Did you fill outside of the lines of the circle or something? Or what happened?

GTS said...

The evei part of the machine will never be found because everything is secured and when Machine says as a error message, "I refuse to process yours!", then nothing but shredding the ballot you can do!

wes said...

Dont feel bad, i think the machines are equally evil to all voters, you are not the minority!

whats going on with the ex-defense minister in Japan?!! i expect that kind of scandal here... but not in Japan

Jerry said...

Shingo, look what has mysteriously appeared in my house!


As you can see here, my どうもくん problem is おおきすぎます!!! I need to think now if having friends who are managers at Target is a good thing or a bad thing!

GTS said...

It seems that we have to cancel the December trip due to the fact that the dollars are too weak as well as high cost fuel! Too bad!

Jerry said...

BUT! BUT! BUT!!! ... I'm going to go cry now.