Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Summer Study Abroad successfully completed!

2012 Summer study abroad in Kyoto, Japan has now successfully completed and certainly I began planning on the next year's program as time flies.

The dates will be 6/19/2013-7/26/2013 during which Kyoto Gion Festival and Osaka Tenjin Festival be held!

As I always try changing something in program so that some repeaters could consider going back to Japan again, you and your friends may go with GTS.

Application will be ready at the beginning of the Fall Semester and the cost will be $4,444 (including airfare, group activities, etc) plus 7-credit hours tuition (about $950, tuition is always in-district one regardless of where you live).  You can survive well with extra pocket money ($500-1000 including your lunch money $5-10 a day)

So $6,000-6,500 will change your perspective and literally life. Believe GTS!!

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