Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tenryu-ji Temple and Bamboo trail in July 4th!

The weather today was barely holding for us so it was actually good to do some hike!  After lunch in Kitano Hakubaicho Randen Train station area, the train took us to the Arashiyama Area.

We have been in the eastern part for a while and today was the first day to the western side of Kyoto city!

We walked in the main hall of the Tenryu-ji and its hilly garden, did a little hike through bamboo trail to the top of mountain from which we could view the nice Hozu river and Valley!

We walked down to another side of the mountain along the Oi River and went across the Togetsu (Crossing the moon) Bridge to get to the Arashiyama Park which is famous for its cherry blossoms in Spring!

Hankyu train brought us back to the central city area and it began raining a bit!

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