Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fireworks at Osaka Tenjin Festival greeted us for farewell!

2012 COD Summer Study Abroad will end with the commencement and the farewell party tomorrow. 
25th of the month is one of the most important festival for Tenmangu Shrines all over Japan. 

Kitano Tenmangu in front of Kyoto International Academy held its flea market every 25th of the month and we were lucky to have two 25th day in June and July. 

July 25th is the most important for all as Osaka Tenjin Festival gets tens of thousands of people from all over Japan.

Great Osaka Tenjin Festival Fireworks overwhelmed us with so many stall selling food and drinks to say welcome and good-bye at the same time for our trip this year!

One more important day is left!

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