Saturday, April 26, 2014

Almost the end of the Academic year!

May is just around the corner and GTS is getting busier for concluding the semester as well as preparing the Study Abroad Orientation and monitoring the enrollment for upcoming Fall semester!

This semester has been the great semester as one interesting study group was created within the Japanese 1101 class and they are collaboratively making an effort to overcome hardships!

1101 this semester began with 50 students and about a half of them seems to pass the class.
Hopefully over a dozen students continue to study at Japanese 1102 in Fall, which is likely.

2 students of 2201 will pass the class with the decent grade and about 10 students will pass 2202, which is the 4th semester.

Though 1102 night class has only 5,6 students, I am hoping that with some dozen students in the morning class 2201 class in Fall will be a good class!

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