Friday, April 4, 2014

Whiskey, Ramen and Castle!

Under a bit cold and windy weather, we visited Suntory Yamazaki Distillery which began operating in 1923.  Recently Suntory bought Makers Mark in Kentucky.  We learned a lot about Japanese Whiskey. 

From the Distillery, we were headed to the Instant Ramen Museum where everyone had a chance to create his or her own cup noodles!

Under the full bloom of Cherry Blossoms, our group reached to the magnificent Osaka Castle to experience being in the warring states period of Japan.


シャミラ said...

That is awesome that there is a ramen museum there! Hope you are all having a good trip!
(I am just stalking your blog today Shingo ^_^)

GTS said...

Shamila! Thanks. Every trip is a bit different!

I am glad to hear that you are following me. If you could find me at Facebook, you can see photos!

シャミラ said...

Yeah, our trip in 2012 was similar, it was nice, I have a lot of good memories...(I wish Japan wasn't so far away from here!) I will have to check out the photos!

Mario Librizzi said...

We missed the Ramen museum and Suntory distillery on last year's trip too. The pictures looked like it was a lot of fun, Shingo!