Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Official Announcement of Cherry in Full Bloom!

The weather report agency declared the full bloom of Sakura in Kyoto.  In order to take advantage of this best timing, we first visited Eikando-Zenrinji Temple from which we were headed to Naykuoji Shrine, the starting point of the Philosopher's Trail.

All the cherry blossoms along the Philosopher's trail were in full bloom, which led us to the
Ginkakuji, The Silver Pavilion. from which all the city from the east end was visible.

After lunch, everyone enjoyed the shopping at Kyoto Handicraft Center before the final stop at Sanjusangen-do where 1221 statues of Buddha of Mercy (Kannon) greeted everyone.

At night in Gion, we had a chance of tasting some Japanese Traditional Performance including Tea, Gagaku, Kyogen, Bunraku, and so on.

Another perfect day!

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