Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fall Semester Registration is underway!

There will be a new format introduced to Japanese 1101 for the first time!

1101 morning classes used to be held daily 4 days a week (Mon-Thu). 
This particular daily format will be gone thiis upcoming Fall semester.

ALL Japanese 1101 classes will be 2days a week format, which, I know, is quite a challenge.

So Japanese language classes in Fall are:

Japanese 1101 (First semester)
Mon and Wed    10am-11:50am, and 5:00pm-6:50pm
Tue and Thu     10am-11:50am, and 7:00pm-8:50pm

Japanese 1102 (Second semester)
Mon and Wed     1pm-2:50pm

Japanese 2201 (Third semester)
Mon and Wed    7pm-8:50pm

Besides these language classes, GTS will offer Japanese Culture and Civilization class
for the first time in Fall daytime.

Japanese 1100
Tuesday  12:00noon-2:50pm

Hope many can come.

Oh, yes, Spring Break Japan Field Trip 2015 and Summer Study Abroad Japan 2015 are, of course coming up!

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