Saturday, February 19, 2011

2nd Test of 1102 passed!

The average of the first test wasn't too good (65-70%) so this test got better (about 75%) though getting more polarized than before, which is quite usual. So the better grade/points group average is over 80% while another end group is 40-50%. Yet this score will never represent each student's hidden linguistic ability as I know many members of the latter group later got successful in many fields with 'Japanese Skill.' It is rather cruel to put 'a rather negative label' on their back but the schooling gave a tough life to each student. Those who somehow managed to pull through can get to the brighter future statistically! GTS is still hoping everyone could eventually make it! the number of 1101 students began decreasing as well. After the second test next week, 1101 class will be shaped up a bit with less members. There are several availble helpers this semester, so hopefully more students would survive!!

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