Thursday, February 10, 2011

GTS/JCC dinner this Friday night (Tomorrow)!

One month passed very quickly and the dinner is coming up tomorrow! It is a national holiday in Japan (National Foundation Day, which is highly political since nobody knows when Japan was formed!). I hope many will show up! The first test of 1101 finished and I lost 4 students so far (well, the average score was 70%!) 2202 also finished the first test and the average score is about 75% but everyone stick to the class and they can overcome together.
Summer Study Abroad Japan program has now 15 students in it and it seems to be a nice big group of us. I have decided to extend the program dates until 8/1 so that we can include one more weekend! Sad thing, on the other hand, is that we have to cancel Hiroshima orientation peace study due to the high price of airfare! We will visit Hiroshima in the middle of the program, which is planned by the host institution in Kyoto.

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