Friday, February 18, 2011

Study Abroad Japan Grows!

It is about the time to begin finalizing to organize the group of 2011 Summer Japan Program. There are so far 17 students being committed to the program and began excited to have the adventurous life in Japan. Some may still join and could become almost the largest group in the 13-year history of the program despite this notoriously low value of the US currency! In light of most expensive summer airfare in the history, we have to modify the program a bit and cancel the first few-day orientation/peace study visit to Hiroshima and directly get to Kyoto. In return, students can stay one more weekend at the end of July and come back to Chicago on Monday, August 1. (complete 42-day or 6-week program this year!) Hiroshima peace study visit will be realized one of the weekend during the program, instead. Let's hope DOLLAR goes up! 「ドルさん、がんばってください。」

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