Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nice JCC/GTS dinner in February.

Recent JCC/GTS dinner has been rather small maybe because it begins late, so I decided to have March dinner on the 4th, which is the first Friday night and begins 6:30pm, so plaese show up at 6:30pm, I will be there! (oh, well it is 3 weeks away so ....) The dinner last night got those who have not seen a while except communicating through 'Facebook.'
It was good to see one new associate from 1101! I hope it would grow more. For classes, I suspect 1101 will shrink next week after returning the first test as you can imagine. The summer study abroad, though still accepting, became a nice sized group of 15 students (6 female students and 9 male students). 11 students are from either my current or previous classes. There is one from Harper CC and another from Oakton CC. Well, hope some more can join us. Horribly expensive airfare and exchange rate, we have to skip the initial Hiroshima Orientation study (it happened in 2008) but I successfully extended the trip a few more day at the end to include one more weekend before returning to Chicago!

Departure: 6/21 (Tue) by American Airline
Return: 8/1 (Mon) by American Airline (42 days 6-week!)
Daily Japanese Language class: 9:00am-12:30pm
Daily GTS Excursion: 12:30pm-5:00pm

Cost: $4200 plus $900 (tuition for 7 semester hours regardless of where you live. No In and OUT district stuff!)
(This includes everything but lunch)


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