Sunday, March 22, 2009

1001 Mercy Buddha Statues & Phoenix welcomed us!

90% precipitation forecast didn't quite rain until the end of the today's schedule, which was really nice!! The packed city bus took us to "Sanjusangen-do (三十三間堂)" where 1001 'Buddha for Mercy" statues welcomed us! Several kinds of cherry blossoms around the main building has just begun blooming to say hello to our group. Then Keihan train took us to the Phoenix Pavilion and Ema/GTS enjoyed Tea-Udon Noodles (which Ema says "Midori no Udon") as a lunch. Sakura there hasn't begun active yet but we could easily imagine what will happen in a few days! The end of the trip was our 'youngster terminal, Shijo Kawaramachi' where most trip members were dismissed for shopping, drinking, eating, strolling, etc. Tomorrow, one of Kyoto International Academy teachers will join our group to be introduced so that SHE can take care of my absence on Wednesday when GTS attends the forum in Yamaguchi Prefectural University some 400 miles away from Kyoto!

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