Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alley to the Nijo Castle and Heian Shrine Garden!

From the hotel, we took the unique route of alleys to the Nijo Castle where some Sakura began blooming. Then city subway took us from the castle to the Heian Jingu Shrine whose garden is extravagant! The handicraft center was just next to the Heian Jingu Shrine and everyone seemed to contribute to Japan's economy for about 3 hours during which GTS took a quick trip to pick up 'bullet Train' tickets for few members to travel to Tokyo tomorrow as deviation. GTS will make a long round trip to Yamaguchi tomorrow to attend the forum! The group will be taken care of a teacher of Kyoto International Academy and will go to Arashiyama area where Sakura can be in full bloom! Yes, the Flea market at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine won't be missed tomorrow though the weather might not help us!

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